About Us

The Institute for the Advancement of Metatemporal Education and Research (IAMER) is an advisory committee to several supranational leadership organizations. We aid in the development of more effective socioeconomic policy by making recommendations based upon our empirical metatemporal research, which is conducted in a variety of different time periods.

The Research Lab

We are following the 2008 IAMER Field Museum with a large-scale research project surveying the 2009 Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake in Minnesota. Our main areas of research will be: population and land use, environment, social dynamics, and geospatial analysis. The results of our research will be presented to the public in the form of a field guide. In addition to weekly research opportunities, within the lab will be ongoing investigative programming and a reference library open for public use.

What is Metatemporal Research?

Metatemporal research is a form of historical research not limited by temporal constraints. With the ability to travel to different time periods comes the ability to do more comprehensive research spanning many fields.

Who We Are

The Research Lab is staffed by experts in the field of metatemporal research. Its employees are experienced in cross-chronological data collection, and are top theorists in their respective specializations.


Andrew M. Dayton
Cliometric Analyst & Metatemporal Research Associate
Erin Fenton
Cliodynamic Specialist & Metatemporal Historian


We do not currently have any enrolled interns.