2009 Internships

Participants in a 2008 IAMER Field Museum workshop. The 2008 IAMER Field Museum.

The Institute for the Advancement of Metatemporal Education and Research (IAMER) seeks interns for their 2008-2009 research laboratory. We will be installing the laboratory on Medicine Lake in Plymouth, MN in conjunction with the 2009 Art Shanty Projects. We are looking for motivated, flexible, and capable individuals who have limited temporal constraints.

Potential Responsibilites

Helpful skills

The goals of the Research Lab are to survey the Art Shanty environment and participants and to produce a guide documenting this community. We will conduct various forms of research including: ethnographic studies, collection of census data, mapping, geospatial analysis, and community creativity and innovation assessment.

Those interested in applying please contact IAMER at internships@iamer.org.